Energetic particle "jumping" out of its gravitational energy gradient

Creation of new 2-D e-m particles by "empty" gravitational energy gradients

Particle proliferation in stellar nurseries

At the core of a star

Black holes and sister universes




Energy and Stars

How are stars formed? What happens in a star "nursery?" Is there more than the gravitational attraction of molecules of gas at work? For instance, is it possible that new elementary particles are created and proliferate in such an environment, thereby facilitating the process of star birth?

How are stars formed? What exists at the core of a star? How do stars give birth to atoms and molecules of heavier and heavier elements? What role does entanglement of elementary electromagnetic particles play?

How do black holes form and what are they?

Is the behavior of our universe affected by other universes? Do universes exist in pairs, oscillating between high and low energy levels?

These are some of the questions to be considered in this section.