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Overview - elementary
Introduction to elementary energy
Fundamental types of energy
Inherent energy of 123d space
Directional balance
Randomness and time
Displacement order of 123d space
Electromagnetic energy
10 Photons
11 Intro to time
12 1-D and 2-D time
13 Under construction
14 Quantum of 123d space – h
15 Quantum of energy in gravity > h
16 Factors governing energy levels
17 Intro to entanglement
18 Entangled e-+/e+- particles
19 Properties of entangled particles
20 Entanglement of identical energy
21 Entanglement- nonidentical energy
22 Entanglement- different wavelengths
23 Entangled particles at different energy levels
24 Interchanging identities
25 Disentanglement
26 Frames of reference
27 Double-slit experiment - overview 
28 Double-slit experiment & observers
29 Under construction
30 Gradients - movement of energy
31 Under construction
32 Attraction-repulsion of energy
33 Electricity flow in a conductor
34 Covalent bonds
35 Ionic bonds
36 Photon collision with orbital e-+/e+- particle
37 Van der Waals forces
38 Gravitational energy gradient
39 Gravity within entangled partners
40 Gravitational interference patterns
41 Gravitational gradients of elementary particles
42 Gravity and curvature of space
43 Space and time
44 Electron structure
45 Positron structure
46 Positron - high energy structure
47 Proton structure
48 Neutrino structure
49 Neutrino converting to photons
50 Proton - 3-D energy structure
51 Antiprotons
52 Hydrogen atom and proton
53 Neutrons
54 Neutron decay into proton
55 Atomic energy system
55a Searching for equation to describe nucleon size
56 Entanglement in an atom
56a Nucleon mass size due to entanglement and gravitational gradient strength
56b Effect of temperature limits on nucleon size
57 Photon interacts with orbital e-+/e+- particle
58 Atomic nucleus - 3-D energy
59 Isotopes
60 Bosons versus fermions
61 Stars/Energy
62 Energetic particle "jumps" out of its gravitational gradient (and charge field)
62a Vacant gravitational energy gradients create new 2-D e-m particles
63 Proliferation of particles in a stellar nursery (high temperature environment)
64 At the core of a star
65 Black holes and sister universes